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Tommy Tucker's Recovery


Tommy Tucker is out of Cupcake by Greystone Robert the Bruce who is Becky Valentine’s best foal.  Tommy really should have never been gelded because we lost that bloodline when he as gelded which goes back to Cupcake’s dam through Tommy’s Grandsire. Tommy was living with our founder, Marianne Alexander, when a young child in wheelchair fell in love with him and she gelded him and sent him off to live with the young girl.

Cupcake was one of the ponies that started Personal Ponies as is Becky Valentine.

October 25th, 2012






October 16th , 2012

Happy Friday!

All is well here. Tommy gets his cast off next week!!! looking forward to that but not as much as he is! He is quite the little schemer, that one. On Weds. morning i wanted to move him from his stall in the barn to his little hospital paddock behind the barn. Tommy was having NONE OF IT! When i am home, i have been opening the stall and letting him come and go as he pleases, in front of the barn, behind, front yard, wherever his little heart desires and his stumpy red cast can take him. He has been doing very well motoring about, putting weight on the injured leg...certainly not acting as though he is in any pain.

Well, that morning, when i put the halter and lead on and asked him to walk into the aisleway headed toward the paddock, he refused to budge. Then he stood at the door of the stall and pawed fretfully looking back at his injured leg.

Of course i was worried, so i took the lead off and just let him stand for a few minutes while i did a few other chores.

When i came back i watched as he walked out into the aisleway and was headed out front to the lawn. I snapped the lead to the halter and asked him to walk the other direction to his paddock out back. He stopped and pawed and turned around and looked at his cast and acted like he couldn't walk. He hobbled a few steps in the direction i asked with the casted leg dangling and kept looking at the cast. Nothing seemed to be wrong when i checked the leg out, but i took the lead off and just let him stand. I thought maybe he was stiff and sore from lying down overnight, so i figured i'd give him a little while to loosen up. The little monkey spun around and practically trotted out front tossing his head back like he was laughing!


August 30, 2012

Morning Friends,

I wanted to let you know that on Wednesday evening when i got home from work, I found Tommy Tucker standing off by himself in the pony paddock. I walked over to check on him, and noticed his right hind was cocked and he was not putting any weight on it.

When I bent over to palpate it, my stomach churned. I could feel a break in the bone. I have no idea what may have guess is that the horseplay got a little wild and he may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time when someone bucked, or he may even have been running and fell...I called the vet and had to leave a message. he got back to me quickly but as he was still in the field, we did have a fairly long wait... I pulled a bench into the paddock and sat with Tommy stroking his ears and doing some energy work.

He did eat a bit of hay, although i withheld grain. As darkness fell, i wrapped us in a blanket and we waited quietly while my awesome John drug extension cords all over the place and set up a MASH unit right in the paddock complete with lighting. The almost full moon smiled down on us.

Doc arrived around 10 pm and he was able to reduce the fracture and said he felt the bone snap back into place, so it seemed a simple break. We sedated Tommy, laid him down and got the leg cast. He slept for 20 minutes or so and Doc warned that getting him back on his feet may be tricky...if he struggled, he could undo what we had just done.

Tommy woke and stood up ever so gently with me at his head and Doc helping hoist the backend and the angels surrounding us. John was the best pony wrangler keeping curious onlookers at bay :) EVERYONE loves a bit of drama i guess

He will be pegleg for 7 weeks and then we'll remove and hope for the best. Doc says he feels the prognosis is very good. Please keep us in your thoughts as he mends.


Welcome Back North Dakota

Greetings to All of you WONDERFUL PPL People!!!

My name is Lynn. My family and I are from ND. Some of you may remember me, but it has been some time, so I probably have not met most of you.

PPL has seen many new faces. We happen to be some returning ones.

I wanted to say hello to all of you and share a funny little story with you in hopes of adding a smile or even a chuckle to your day.

So years ago, our family was quite involved with PPL. Health issues intervened and we have been away since around 2004...

Eight years later we are back in the loop!!!! YEAH!!! I have REALLY missed PPL and the WONDERFUL people that make it happen SO VERY MUCH!!! You could only imagine how DELIGHTED I am to be back in the loop.

So in early September, we were THRILLED to have what we thought were THREE PPL ponies delivered to us...Pretty soon that three became FOUR as the little foal hiding inside of mama made his appearance!!!

I personally have been DELIGHTED with this unexpected blessing...As the ponies get to know us and are more and more comfortable here, their personalities are REALLY starting to come out...well the following story comes out of one of the happenings around here...

In order for this story to make much sense, you need to realize that, we are NOT running a high dollar operation here!!! We fence with WHATEVER we can find that makes safe riding arena...that we have NOT had time to ride in, is made of large round flax straw bales which are about 6' tall and about as wide!!!

Flax does NOT rot easily, so it will stand for years, and most animals will NOT eat flax. A few of our horses have nibbled on it but do NOT find it very edible!

Even our hogs nosed around in it to lay in but did NOT eat it...

Anyway, the flax bales that my hubby lovingly baled, hauled and placed for us gave the children and I a safe, enclosed area to ride in...WHEN we had time to ride!!!

Other things I have used for fence is hog wire, pallets, which we pick up free in town, smooth wire, old gates, chain link....WHATEVER I can find that is safe.... oh yes, even five sturdy old metal trellis that someone had built to hang on their house for the vines to crawl on....I snagged those off a rummage sale!!!

So this silly story comes along with the understanding that we do NOT have traditional fencing of all one kind or height...

So here goes...

Hopefully this will give you a chuckle...maybe you can also help me solve the puzzle. I entitled it: The Escape Artists Strike Again...

Here is your morning chuckle and puzzle...

The puzzle: "How do animals get out of pens when the pens are TOTALLY intact... No broken down panels, no open gates.... And if they manage how to get OUT of these pens, how do they NOT know how to get back IN these pens, ESPECIALLY when it is feeding time.... specifically, the Sow this morning....

So we have this dilemma with an escape artist Sow and her 11 piglets AND now with one of the new PPL ponies, Checkers who has learned to escape....

So I have not yet seen Checkers is just that when he is out and the pen is perfectly intact, all I can guess is that he jumped out...and his ancestress heritage, Mountain Welsh, on his mother's side has some jumpers in I am smiling, I hope you are too!!!

Did I forget to mention that the north side of the pen that he WAS in is fenced with low hog wire.... Low fence that comes chest high to the ponies and has, for over a year, worked just fine with our other ponies. I have actually been surprised that some of the taller ones did NOT try to jump out! The mini mule did jump out the east side before I replaced that with taller wire... She is quite the hoot...

What WAS working is NOT working any more... If this would be the ONLY escape job Checkers has done, our delema would not be nearly as perplexing.

At any rate, the height of that fence WILL be changing SOON, just as soon as I have an extra minute...or two...

For now, I am enjoying Checker's antics and he is not hurting anything or anyone by having the run of the yard.

Sometimes I wonder if I am being irresponsible for letting him run loose around the yard, so with that thinking in tact, I decided I would let Whinny and Caru (the new baby, more on his name later) graze and run around the yard while I worked outside and put I Checkers in the arena.....I figured if all three were out, they would take off on an adventure.

That WOULD have worked well....but smart little Whinny, instead of grazing around the yard, headed to the alfalfa field to graze. No dummy here, that IS dried up third cutting alfalfa out there mixed with plenty of brome grass!!! Why in the WORLD would you graze in the yard when you can run to the alfalfa field....That is what I get for leading her out to the field to graze and showing her where it is!!! Smiling here, hope you are too!

Well, that might have even worked well...I really don't think she would wandered far...after all our field isn't far from the house, and it isn't that big and she has to come into the yard for water.....but...

When I went out to feed and water Checkers he was NO WHERE to be found!!! Now mind you, it is dark out side, I am working into the evening by our yard light and Checkers IS black and white, so he DOES hide in the shadows better than a gray horse would, so I looked again, just to make sure I did NOT miss him...

Well now here is your puzzle for the day...the arena is flax bales....they are about 6" high...then there are tube corral gates set on the ground and tied up to t posts on the north side, bordering the yard. I figure they are about 4 1/2 to 5" tall, a guess... at any rate the height of these panels is WELL over the height of Checker's withers....

Next to the arena is a pen made from 6' high training panels from my round pen. The gate was open so that Checkers could go in and out of the pen into the area. If he had jumped or climbed out the arena fence, he would have been in the yard, NOT where I found him...

Somehow Checkers got himself from this area INTO the area on the OTHER SIDE of the flax straw bales...the dry lot pen with the low hog wire fence.... The pen that Storm,
(one of the PPL ponies that came with Checkers), and our Chocolate are in.

This pen is where Checkers is SUPPOSED to be, before he supposedly jumped the fence to get into the yard in theh FIRST place!!!

No one (human) around here says they moved the little guy, so all I can figure is that he literally climbed over the flax bales to get back in and "check up" on Storm and Chocolate!!!

That would be VERY doable for a smart, agile pony, which he is....

I just wish I would have SEEN his escape!!! So, I find him BACK in his pen with Storm and Chocolate, then LATER in the evening, I find him BACK out in the yard...

I have a feeling it is going to take some creative fencing keep this guy where I put him!!! I am laughing!!! I hope you are too!!! I really don't mind as long as he doesn't start wandering off our property and causing trouble or hurting himself!!!

I do believe he would stay in the round pen panels IF I wanted to confine him to a smaller pen, but I do not want to do that to him!

So here I am thinking that Checkers decided to "check in" with Storm and Chocolate. Once he saw that they were fine, he "checked out" with them to "check in" with his Mamma and new brother. I am not quite sure who gave him his name and how they came about it, but just now as I am sitting here laughing as I type this realizing how his name suits him just fine!!!

Enjoy your day....I know I will, we are working hard on school...(we home school our middle two children, ages 6 and 8)....correction...the KIDS are working hard on their school and I am playing at touching base with all of you...

Then we are heading out to work outside for the rest of the day....



Eagle, the PPL pony that we used to have here years ago was my office assistant. He would report about his adventures and outings and the happenings around here... I think his stories are still archived on this chat list.

I guess Checkers will have to be my newest Office Assistant since he is already so good at "checking in" with everyone....

Glad to be back in the loop...

Lynn, ND