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Theme Children

Tommy Tucker's Recovery

Tommy Tucker is out of Cupcake by Greystone Robert the Bruce who is Becky Valentine’s best foal.  Tommy really should have never been gelded because we lost that bloodline when he as gelded which goes back to Cupcake’s dam through Tommy’s Grandsire. Tommy was living with our founder, Marianne Alexander, when a young child in wheelchair fell in love with him and she gelded him and sent him off to live with the young girl.

Welcome Back North Dakota

Greetings to All of you WONDERFUL PPL People!!!
My name is Lynn. My family and I are from ND. Some of you may remember me, but it has been some time, so I probably have not met most of you.

Meet Hollie Danielle Carlson- The First "Queen" for Personal Ponies Idaho

Our Idaho PPL program started something new this year, 2012.  One of their volunteers is a lovely 14 year old young lady who was recently crowned Queen for Personal Ponies Ltd. Idaho.  Personal Ponies Idaho is in a comminity that has many Rodeo's and Horse Events.  Hollie Carlson will represent PPL at local Rodeo's,  community events and do some outreach with placement families and children.  She will help our Idaho State Directors to educate others about Personal Ponies and work on various fundraising projects.   Hollie has volunteered for Personal Ponies over the last 3 years.  Donnis, our State Director for Idaho, had told Hollie she needed to learn everything about Personal Ponies so if someone asks her questions she would have all the correct answers.  Hollie took the literature and  went on line learning all she could. Donnis says that you can now ask Hollie anything about Personal Ponies and she has the answer.  In fact, there are times Donnis has to think for a moment and instead of answering she turns to Hollie and says maybe you would like to answer that question and Hollie does just that!

Ponies for ALL ages!

There is a little bit of "kid" in all of us, no matter our age!
This is Mike, a good friend of Personal Ponies.  At first glance of these photos, you will probably assume that Mike is a volunteer and an animal lover.  Actually, Mike is on a long journey with Alheimer's Disease and this is one of his first weekly one-on-one visits with Personal Ponies.  Knowing how much our program means to Mike, and how much he adores children, Sandra Seiden, State Director of Personal Ponies Florida, invited him and his wife to come along with our ponies to a pediatric hosptial visit.  Mike made a positive difference in every child he touched........In fact, Sandra said, "Mike made a positive difference in her too!".  Sandra said that Mike reminded her most of all how important it is that we all feel useful and never give up on joy!  Thank you Mike and Lynn, for sharing your precious husband with us.

2012 Theme Child and Family-- The Whitings

Shyanna and Takel Whiting
It used to be that each year we nominated a child as our Personal Ponies theme child but we realized that often it is the whole family that deserves this recognition.  This could not be more true fort Takel Whiting and her family.  Takel Whiting and her family have been  involved with Personal Ponies since May 1 2009.  We placed two ponies, Angus and ShyAnna, with Takel on May 9, 2009.  From the first visit, our State Director, Donnis Mager knew Personal Ponies was what Takel needed.  And now Donnis is the first to tell you that now it is our program that  needs Takel.  Takel is a true vision as to what the ponies can do for a child.   Her first visit she could not stay on task more than a few seconds and was challenged every request she was given.   Now almost three years later she is able to stay on task do what is asked of her including taking care of the ponies.  Takel now halters and walks the ponies on her own and is always telling the ponies “you need to listen to me or you can not go for a walk!”  When she first started with the ponies Angus and ShyAnna would run from Takel.  Now they run to Takel for the LOVE she gives them.  Donnis and her mother, Shelly will tell you that it has been an amazing journey.  When Takel visits Donnis to see the new babies or the other ponies she will ask if Mr. Mager is home.   She will knock on his office door and ask his permission to go see the ponies.  She has become a very polite girl that listens to what people are saying.  The ponies have reinforced her good behavior and have encouraged her beyond anything imagined.  Donnis also talks about how supportive the family is of our program doing anything she needs to be helpful.  The family now gets involved and participates in all of our community activity that Below is a copy of a letter Shelly sent to a few months ago.  Enjoy the letter and the photos!

Personal Ponies at the Ligonier Highland Games


Oreo and Bella - A Special Moment

A special moment from Personal Ponies volunteer in Rhode Island.

Dusty and Classy

From Donnis, State Director of Idaho
“Classy is the pony I placed with Dusty.  They are doing so well.  Classy is a people pony and likes to hang out with humans more than with ponies.  I usually do not place one pony but this is different.  Classy has become a service animal for Dusty.  Dusty lives about four blocks from Wal-Mart and they have opened their doors for her to come in with Classy.  They said she was welcome anytime to bring her in.   Classy is very well behaved.  The lady that takes pictures in Wal-Mart took Dusty and Classy into the Studio and took pictures of her with Classy.  A man came up to Dusty in a rush with his cart making lots of noise.  Classy stepped in from of Dusty and put her head in her lap as to protect her from the man and his cart.  Once he left, Classy went back in her place by the side of her chair.  Classy had been in several placement homes before but this seems to be her job now and she knows it!   Classy and Dusty are doing a great job promoting Personal Ponies in our area.  I just had to share.  In a short three weeks one of our ponies has already changed someone’s life.  Dusty now has reason to live.  This is what keeps me doing what I do with Personal Ponies.”

Caitlin's Cadillac Man - Ready for a New Family (Placed/August 2011 in NY)

Caitlin's Cadillac Man is a 36 inch paint gelding that is part of our Personal Ponies program for the past 20 years.  "Caddy" is currently in Massachusetts with the Shea Family where he has been a constant companion for the past ten years for their daughter Brielle.  In Mr. Shea's own words,

2010 Theme Child(ren) - The Twomey Family

The Twomey family has been on a long adventure towards finding the magic of Personal Ponies. Twenty-five years ago, Derrill and I (Deb, the Mom) met while working with children with severe disabilities in a nursing home. We wanted to do something so that the children who might be able to grow up in a family had that chance. After getting married we started adopting children with severe physical, cognitive and health challenges. We quickly learned to care for their physical needs but couldn’t always meet their social needs.

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