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Theme Children

Kyle's Ponies

“We delivered Maisie and Pippy to their new home, this week, with Kyle Kazel, a delightful young man (11 years old), who has endured a very difficult life with a form of embryonic cancer known as Yolk Sac Carcinoma (See attached pictures - Kyle is the one with the big smile),   As you know, Kyle is afraid of bigger horses, but fell in love with our ponies.   Kyle is a great kid (and family!) that we met the past two years through our partnership with the Georgetown Yacht Club and their “Kids Kruise”. His older sister has a horse.  This all went together a little quicker than I had expected, as the farm in which Kyle's older sister boards her horse agreed to donate the space to the Kazel family to house our ponies.  I helped Kyle's Dad, Greg Kazel fence off a separate area for the ponies and build a run-shed (in Pennsylvania rock, frozen ground and then snow, but we got it done).

Teagan gets a Surprise

Just a few short months ago Teagan was a typical happy go lucky 12 year old on vacation with her family in Wisconsin and looking forward to a day at an Amusement Park.  All of that changed when she fell 100 feet to the ground from a free-fall "EXTREME VELOCITY THRILL RIDE"..  Vmix : Teagan Marti press conference

Dawson’s Story

A few weeks ago, the following ad was found on Craigslist:
Hello. I am posting this for my little brother Dawson. Here is Dawson’s story: Dawson is the 4th born of 5 kids. He was born on October 29, 2005. He was the happiest baby. Then when he was 6 months old he was diagnosed with Epilepsy; commonly known as seizures. He was having 15+ a day. He was taking maximum amounts of medicine in the morning and at night; 3 liquids 2pills. He was so drugged he didn’t learn how to talk until he was 3 years old! He still has some speech problems to this day. His seizures had gone down to about 5 a day. Then FINALLY we got them controlled for a while. This past year he has started having several seizures a day. He just started pre-k this August. He is finding out he is different from the other kids in his class. The only thing that makes him feel better is going on a trail ride with me on my mares. We want him to be able to ride and have a horse so he CAN be like other people. So he can fit in. Like I said, there are 5 kids and my mom is a single mother. With the current economy, we don’t have enough money right now upfront to buy him a horse. His birthday is coming up on the 29th of this month, and his biggest wish is a pony of his own. My mares are too much for him. We want so badly to provide this for him! But we simply can’t. So that’s why I am posting this. Tell your family and friends PLEASE! Help us get the word out and let Dawson live his dream. We are asking that someone donate a pony and some tack to Dawson for his birthday. THANKS SO MUCH! THIS WILL TURN HIS WORLD UPSIDE DOWN! There is plenty of love to go around in this family! I will keep whoever donates posted with pictures through e-mail... if they desire.

Madeline and Mallory

In Loving Memory of Mallory Ezernack
11/16/1988 -7/29/2006
As told by their mother Claudia Ezernack

Meet Jared, Theme Child 2003

We at PERSONAL PONIES are repeatedly amazed at the courage of the children with whom we place our ponies, but we have been especially touched by Jared Wulfekuhle's charm and determination. He is an inspiration to all who know him and we are delighted that his family has agreed to represent PPL in activities in their community and to serve as our Theme Child for 2003.

Meet Taisha, 2002 Theme Child

We at PERSONAL PONIES are repeatedly amazed at the courage of the children with whom we place our ponies, but we have been especially touched by Taisha Bakker's love of life and indomitable spirit. She is an inspiration to all who know her and we are delighted that she has agreed to represent PPL in activities in her community and to serve as our Poster Girl for 2002.

Niko and Sugar Lips

Niko is a special young man in Florida that visits our ponies weekly.   Niko and his dad Frank were guests at the April 23rd charity fundraising event for Florida Personal Ponies.  Niko was the keynote speaker.

Pony Tales in the Park

Over the summer of 2010, Personal Ponies Delaware teamed up with New Castle County Hockessin and Kirkwood Highway libraries to create a very unique reading program.

Lady Louise

Life can be full of surprises. Donnis’ mother (Donnis and Les are State Directors and Volunteer Breeders in Idaho) had taken ill and two weeks later at 94 years of age she passed away. One of the last things she told Donnis was to take care of her babies. Her mother then told her that she was going to have one more baby this year. Donnis told her mother, “No, we have not done anymore breeding. We will have to wait until next year.” Donnis’ mother loved coming out to the farm and seeing the ponies in their pens with the babies.

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