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All in a Weeks Work

20140517_140708From Donnis in Idaho!!!!!

We had the great opportunity to be a part of a benefit for a 9 year old girl Hannah. This is her 2nd run with brain cancer. She had it in 2010 and now it is back again had surgery and starts treatment this week. She was a joy. Hannah and her friend Molly had a ball dressing Diana up. Hula Girl then a clown and then a Bride. This was on Sat and then on Sunday we set up a booth for a customer's day while some of the volunteers manned the booth, myself and Rachael went and placed 2 ponies in Oregon. Markus was so excited to get his ponies. Busy week end!



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photo diana

How Lily changed Christian's life.

lily-christianKathy, Dan's wife, has called  and is so pleased how Lilly has changed Christian's life.  She said before Lilly,  Christian didn't even care to go outside and with her, he's running and playing with her and visiting with others more.  He got a camera for Christmas and takes many pictures of Lilly each week. I think Equi Star should make a point of involving Christian in our promotional and educational events.  We also need to be involving more of our riders as we have done with Christian. I have seen through Christian how Equi Star and PPL can work together.

California Bonding, Ponies and People, A Special Relationship

Because of the Personal Ponies organization, strangers came together this weekend as friends. Before Bailey and Sterling came to live here, I didn't know of anyone named Allison, Abigail, Georgia, Gramma or Grampa in Allison's family. It was only after those two little munchkin faces graced my email screen that we all became connected. Because of two dear little hearts and a wise quarter horse, five people had a lovely visit yesterday.   We shared a home cooked meal, belated Christmas gifts, family stories and the light in a little girl's eyes when she was wheeled out to where "our ponies" live. She saw her Christmas card and letter to them taped to the outside of their shelter along side pictures that she drew and colored for them. It was that same light in that little girl's face that beamed over us all, when we took pictures of our ponies at her side. She hugged them, brushed them and laid her face next to their fuzzy coats as they stood perfectly still, drinking in her love. You'd never have thought she was wheel chair bound or wore braces on her legs. We all talked with Abilgail too, about the "vacation," the ponies are having at my house while she goes home with her mother, grandmother and grandfather to do other things that she needs to do to grow up healthy and strong.

Welcome Back North Dakota

Greetings to All of you WONDERFUL PPL People!!!
My name is Lynn. My family and I are from ND. Some of you may remember me, but it has been some time, so I probably have not met most of you.

Meet Hollie Danielle Carlson- The First "Queen" for Personal Ponies Idaho

Our Idaho PPL program started something new this year, 2012.  One of their volunteers is a lovely 14 year old young lady who was recently crowned Queen for Personal Ponies Ltd. Idaho.  Personal Ponies Idaho is in a comminity that has many Rodeo's and Horse Events.  Hollie Carlson will represent PPL at local Rodeo's,  community events and do some outreach with placement families and children.  She will help our Idaho State Directors to educate others about Personal Ponies and work on various fundraising projects.   Hollie has volunteered for Personal Ponies over the last 3 years.  Donnis, our State Director for Idaho, had told Hollie she needed to learn everything about Personal Ponies so if someone asks her questions she would have all the correct answers.  Hollie took the literature and  went on line learning all she could. Donnis says that you can now ask Hollie anything about Personal Ponies and she has the answer.  In fact, there are times Donnis has to think for a moment and instead of answering she turns to Hollie and says maybe you would like to answer that question and Hollie does just that!

Personal Ponies at the Ligonier Highland Games