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Marianne's Story

Marianne Alexander

From our Founder, Marianne Alexander



I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers over the years for the service and caring they have given and still give to an organization that was at one point only a dream. In June 1946 I had a vision. I was fifteen years old at the time. It was not until November 3, 1986 that this vision became a reality. Now, more than a quarter of a century later, we are a thriving organization that is built to last and none of this could have happened without each and every caring volunteer that is the heart and soul of our program. My delight in what all of you have accomplished is boundless.!

Even now from the sidelines of Personal Ponies I personally recognize and salute the contributions our volunteers make each day to your respective communities. Your willingness to commit your time, energy and money to making the lives of others richer is most admirable. It has been said before that happiness does not lie in living a self-centered life, but rather lies in enjoying and understanding the lives of others. You are living examples of that statement and as the founder of Personal Ponies I thank each of you most sincerely.!

My earnest wish is that each one of us is engaged in a personal transformation. I believe there is a power which lies in each of us that allows us to imagine and claim for ourselves a meaningful life. We hold in our hands the direction of our futures: We are the authors of our lives.!

There are no guarantees of course, and no assurance of success – at least in the terms we often think of success. It is my belief that we need to see life in its entirety; not tunnel our vision, but to use imagination and creativity – and to think beyond apparent boundaries. There will be, without a doubt, false starts, interruptions, change of plans, mistakes made –and yes corrected! There will be setbacks and missed opportunities. That in my opinion is how a life lived should be! To quote a dear friend – "mistakes are not the enemy – not learning from them is!!"

We need not be patient with life, as it unfolds — allowing for what is our life’s destination. We need each of us to be patient with our own imperfections and by the same token to be understanding and patient with the imperfections of others!

Our commitment is that of service — most especially to those who need caring the most — the children and adults alike who are differently able in our world and to the ponies those children grow to love!

Every community in this great land of ours needs you and awaits your insights, your enthusiasm, your caring, your times, and oh yes – your sense of humor.!

I am proud of each one of our volunteers and I wish each one health, happiness and a large measure of joy as you offer our services now and in the many years to come to those children and adults who, through our efforts  meet  a pony that brings magic into their lives!

With deepest appreciation and gratitude,
Marianne Alexander, Founder
marriane and sandra Ode to Dandelions
Written by Marianne Alexander when she was age 9

Dandelions are my favorites

The graylings are especially gusty, brave and sinewy, and determined. They live with abandon. They do not care what anyone thinks of them. They turn up in sidewalk cracks and among the tin cans of a rubbish heap. They blossom for the sheer love of being a bright substantial dream. If I ask what they are about I hear them say, give me a day’s sun and three drops of rain and I will show you what I can become.

I admire dandelion of any kind because they dare. Dandelions have my attention, my respect and most of all they do not need to be loved by anyone because I am certain they love their own sunny look and they have no judgments. Dear treasured beings.. A salute! (1940)