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How to Volunteer for Personal Ponies

volunteerMaking magic for children with special needs doesn’t happen by itself. The kind of magic we make at Personal Ponies takes the caring hearts and helping hands of each and every one of our volunteers. Our volunteers are truly our recipe for magic.

People often ask us how many volunteers make up our organization. That is an impossible number to quantify. Volunteers do everything that makes our organization possible. There is an endless list of things caring people do. For example, this website is maintained by a volunteer. Others help with preparation of marketing materials, and keeping databases. Volunteers help in transporting ponies, trainers donate time to train ponies, and still others help with special events and or with fundraising. We also have young volunteers that come and brush or hug foals to help socialize them or do their community service hours with one of our local families. Whether it is for one day or ten years, everyone that contributes is an integral part of the whole and is part of a number that cannot be measured.

Although our goal is to provide a small Shetland pony to be a friend and companion for children who are differently able, there is indeed more. The purpose of what we do may set out to affect the children we serve but it affects all of us both emotionally and intellectually as well. Many of our volunteers have commented that the opportunity to serve not only the children but to be part of a larger intention of caring has been extraordinary in its own respect.

The pages in this section are created to provide our volunteers with various forms and policies and other pertinent information that might help them carry out their activities more efficiently. Anything you cannot find, please contact any of the National Directors for help.

Thank you to all our caring volunteers.


“…I have been a lucky man. To feel the intimacy of brothers is a marvelous thing in life. To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life. But to feel the affection that comes to us from those whom we do not know…that is something still greater and more beautiful because it widens out the boundaries of our being and unites all living things.”
- Lewis Hyde, “The Gift”